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Welcome to AsTEN Conference

Significance and Rationale

          Today’s world is connected through fast advanced technology networks which allow for communications and mobility that are leading to rapid societal and cultural changes. ASEAN integration is a powerful tool in building and reinforcing the racial, historical and cultural diversities in the region.

          Many ASEAN populations are still living in poverty with a poor quality of living which requires considerable improvement. Education is an important tool that can improve the lives of people at both the local and global level. It is therefore important for academics, researchers and educators from all levels to work together to create mutual understanding of the complexities involved in improving educational opportunities for ASEAN populations. These complexities include economic, social, cultural, political, technological and environmental factors. To build a sustainable education framework, the ASEAN community needs to create a paradigm shift by developing and training educators who understand teaching and learning in the diverse, ever-changing context of the modern globalized world.

          One of the objectives of the ASEAN Teacher Education Network is to bring educators together to increase understanding of the issues relating to education and culture which are required to improve people’ s living conditions. Therefore, issues such as poverty, education access, and rural transformation should be discussed and analyzed to find the best educational and cultural solutions.

          Acknowledging the significance of these urgent problems, the Faculty of Education at Kasetsart University is organizing an international conference in collaboration with the Association of Southeast Asian Teacher Education Network (AsTEN). A main aim of this conference is to act as a platform for academic exchange between ASEAN educators in order to compare the concepts and quality output of education in different countries. The conference is also an attempt to further develop the Kasetsart University vision that emphasizes academic excellence and producing work of world standard.

Recommendations regarding Mourning Period
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  • Many Thai people will be wearing black or white clothing as a sign of mourning. This is not required of visitors but if possible, please wear sombre and respectful clothing when in public.
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